SafeNet Luna HSM 6 eIDAS Certification by OCSI

SafeNet Luna HSM 6 eIDAS Certification by OCSI

Certified QSCD Qualified Signature/Seal Creation Device

We are pleased to announce that the Italian Organismo di Certificazione della Sicurezza Informatica (OCSI) has now certified that the SafeNet Luna PCI-E Cryptographic Module 6.10.9, when embedded within a SafeNet Luna Network HSM 6, can be used as a Qualified Electronic Signature Creation Device (QSigCD) and a Qualified Electronic Seal Creation Device (QSealCD) in accordance with Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 (eIDAS).

This certification is based on the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ AVA_VAN.5 certified SafeNet Luna PCI-E HSM 6, firmware 6.10.9. 

As a result of this certification, you may now address eIDAS digital certificate, time stamping and digital signature use cases with SafeNet Luna HSM 6 – an OCSI-certified QSigCD and QSeal CD. OCSI has published the Attestation of Conformity on its site and notified the EU Commission. Based on this certification, the EU Commission will be amending the list of QSCD approved devices  accordingly. 

Additional Information  

– Common Criterial User Guidance Document – CR-4119– REV 002, May 30th, 2017 (DOW0001937)

SafeNet Luna PCIe HSM 6, firmware 6.10.9, is Common Criteria EAL4+ (AVA_VAN.5) certified:

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