Gemalto Authentication Products: End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Notification

As part of our ongoing product communication, we are announcing End-of-Sale for IDClassic GCMemo and IDProve 100 as well as providing End-of-Sale Reminder for MP-1 token for Windows Desktops.
Aditionally, we are providing End-of-Life Reminders for IDClassic 340/3340, IDClassic IAS 610/3610, IDGo 300 MW, IDPrime .NET Bio 5510 and IDPrime .NET 510/511.

IDClassic GCMemo and IDProve 100 – End-of-Sale Key Dates





December 30, 2018

Last date for ordering


December 31, 2018

Due to the limited availability of hardware components, Gemalto will fulfill LTB orders as follows:

  • Gemalto will make every effort to fulfill all orders placed during the LTB period
  • Orders placed during the LTB period will be processed on a first-come first-served basis
  • Orders will not be accepted after the LTB end date


 December 31, 2019


For replacement products and additional details please refer to:

End-of-Sale Reminder

Effective as of September 30, 2018, Gemalto will discontinue selling the following product to customers and it will no longer be available for purchase:

  • MP-1 token for Windows Desktops

 For details please refer to the End-of-Sale announcement

End-of-Life Reminders

Effective September 30, 2018, the following products will be End-of-Life (EOL):

IDClassic Smart Cards and IDGo 300 Middleware

  • IDClassic 340/3340 smart cards
  • IDClassic IAS 610/3610 smart cards
  • IDGo 300 Middleware

For details please refer to the End-of-Life announcement

IDPrime .Net Smart Cards

  • IDPrime .NET Bio 5510
  • IDPrime .NET 510/511

For details please refer to the End-of-Life announcement