Gemalto Mobile Secure Messenger 2.1 is now available!

This new version of Gemalto Mobile Secure Messenger brings the following improvements:

Enhanced security: This new version can reject registration requests coming from potentially malicious devices. It does this by offering a mechanism to reject requests coming from devices that have not created a valid session before making the registration request. This requires collaboration with an intermediate network entity (typically a web application firewall) that can then instruct the application, through proprietary http headers, to reject registration if pre-requisites are not fulfilled.
Wider reach of enhanced communication with iPhones: The previous version of Mobile Secure Messenger enabled enhanced push notifications that support the latest iOS push format, but only for customers who host the server-side part of Mobile Secure Messenger on the Tomcat application server. This benefit is now also available to customers hosting it on the Websphere application server.

You may contact your salesperson if you wish to benefit from the enhancements that come with this release.