Announcing SafeNet Data Protection On Demand (DPoD) version 1.5


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Building the blocks for next generation security: HSM On Demand for Hyperledger Released

SafeNet Data Protection On Demand v1.5

The release of the latest version of SafeNet Data Protection On Demand (DPoD) – version 1.5. is our first official foray into Blockchain applications, with the launch of HSM On Demand for Hyperledger.

HSM On Demand for Hyperledger

Bringing trust to blockchain events, HSM On Demand for Hyperledger protects cryptographic keys, the blockchain system and digital wallets, while ensuring the keys are readily available in the cloud once access is granted to perform the required crypto operations across the distributed system. 

HSM On Demand for Hyperledger stores the private keys used by blockchain Hyperledger members to sign all transactions, and ensures that cryptographic keys cannot be used by unauthorized devices or people for a range of blockchain Hyperledger applications. HSM On Demand for Hyperledger provides high assurance security in data centers and the cloud, enabling multi-tenancy of blockchain identities per partition as proof of transaction and for auditing requirements.  With HSM On Demand for Hyperledger, you can secure keys for every role in your Hyperledger framework and blockchain Hyperledger artifacts include admin CA secure within the SafeNet Data Protection On Demand’s HSM On Demand service.

DPoD Key Import

Another highlight of the release is the ability to migrate keys from both:

  • An on-premises SafeNet Luna HSM device to a DPoD HSM on Demand service.
  • HSM as a service solutions such as AWS CloudHSM into a DPoD HSM on Demand service 

This functionality will enable your organization, and specifically application owners, to choose the way they wish to protect their crypto keys, either on premises with SafeNet Luna HSM devices or, as a service in the cloud, with SafeNet Data Protection On Demand. Significantly, this expands backup options available for both on-demand and on-premises customers.

Highlights of DPoD Version 1.5.

In addition, we have added the following features:

  • Marketplace Tile Management: The Application Owner can see the tiles the Tenant Administrator makes available in the marketplace.
  • API Credential Management: Application owners can perform tasks using two different credential types:
    • Platform credentials –  a machine client can perform tasks via the API, which automates the activities an Application Owner may complete in the GUI
    • Service credentials – a machine client can perform service level tasks via the DPoD API.
  • Larger key support: HSM on Demand can now support larger file sizes of up to five RSA keys 4096 bit key pairs per service
  • Integration Guides: Updated HSM on Demand Service Integration Guides are available in the user documentation, including:
    • CyberArk Digital Vault Integration Guide
    • Hyperledger Fabric (Blockchain) Integration Guide
    • Java Code Signer Integration Guide
    • Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services Integration Guide
    • Microsoft Authenticode Integration Guide
    • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Guide
    • Oracle Database Integration Guide
    • The integration guides can be found here

API Reference Guide: SafeNet Data Protection On Demand 1.5 API Reference Guide

What is coming next?

In the upcoming release, we will launch a new tile – the first in the Encryption On Demand suite – VM (Virtual Machine) Encryption On Demand.

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