Mobile PKI and Authentication Products: End-of-Sale Reminders

Effective as of December 31, 2018, Gemalto will discontinue selling the following products to customers and they will no longer be available for purchase:

  • SafeNet Reader CT1100
  • SafeNet Reader K1100
  • Bluegiga BLED112-V1 USB-BLE dongle
  • Gemalto Bluetooth Device Manager (GBDM)
  • SafeNet Core 8030
  • SafeNet Prime 8840
  • IDGo 800 Mobile
  • SafeNet MobilePKI for BlackBerry (ex SafeNet MobilePKI for Good)

For details please refer to the End-of-Sale announcement of the MobilePKI products mentioned above.

  • IDClassic GCMemo 
  • IDPrime MD 3810 Mifare 1K  
  • IDProve 100

For details please refer to the IDPrime MD 3810 Mifare 1K – End-of-Sale announcement, IDClassic GCMemo – End-of-Sale announcement and IDProve 100  – End-of-Sale announcement.