SafeNet Crypto Command Center 3.4 Now Available

SafeNet Crypto Command Center version 3.4 is now GA, featuring the highlights listed in the table below.

Visit the Gemalto Support portal to download this latest software, or contact your Gemalto Representative for additional information.



Why is this important to Device Administrators?


Service Monitoring

Periodically poll a device and collect the Partition Utilization Metrics (PUM) for each partition monitored by SafeNet Crypto Command Centre. Metrics include counts of Decrypt, Encrypt, Sign Verify, Key Generation and Key Derivation operations. SafeNet Crypto Command Center displays a total count of operations along with a doughnut chart to show the mix of different operation types performed on the partition. Additionally, it displays a historical chart of the average operations per second over time that have occurred in the partition. The historical charts can be viewed by operation type over the last hour, today, yesterday or the last 3, 7, 30 or 90 days.

Spot trends and patterns in usage, and determine which services are consuming the most resources on a device. Additionally rebalance services, and make better use of HSM resources.  Lastly, per partition data adds another dimension to the device level statistics that were introduced in SafeNet Crypto Command Center 3.0.

SafeNet Luna Network HSM 7.3 or higher (PUM enabled)


Requires SafeNet Crypto Command Center Monitoring License

Support Catalogue

Upload and manage software update files and security patches in SafeNet Crypto Command Centre to apply software updates to managed devices. Verify the integrity of the package by supplying the checksum of the file obtained from the Gemalto Support Portal.

Centrally manage software package updates from SafeNet Crypto Command Center, simplifying the process of distributing software updates. Software files only need to be downloaded one time from the portal, while SafeNet Crypto Command Center will track the authorization code and verify the file integrity with a checksum.

SafeNet Luna Network HSM 7.3 (or newer)

Apply Software Package

Centrally push software package updates and security patches from SafeNet Crypto Command Center’s secure catalogue to update a device. The entire update procedure is run from a wizard in the SafeNet Crypto Command Center user interface. The update process unpacks the spkg file, enters the authentication code, verifies the package and reboots the device.

Easily push update files to individual devices managed by SafeNet Crypto Command Center, and receive feedback at each step. Quickly apply security patches to a large number of HSMs. The device reporting tools in SafeNet Crypto Command Center track the firmware and software versions applied across the pool of managed devices.

SafeNet Luna Network HSM 7.3 (or newer)

Update Firmware

Update the firmware version on a device to the available firmware version on the device.

Update the firmware on a device if a new version is available from a recent software update.

SafeNet Luna Network HSM 7 & SafeNet Luna Network HSM 6 (with REST API)

SafeNet Crypto Command Center Event Logs

Download event logs from the SafeNet Crypto Command Center server for operations, server and monitoring. 

The SafeNet Crypto Command Center administrator can review the actions performed by SafeNet Crypto Command Center users with the logs. The server logs can be used to troubleshoot operational issues with the Crypto Command Centre service.


Support for SafeNet Luna Network HSM 7.2 & 7.3 devices

Added support for provisioning services on devices released since the last SafeNet Crypto Command Center version.

Application Owners and Administrators can use SafeNet Crypto Command Center with the SafeNet Luna Network HSM versions listed.