SafeNet KeySecure v 8.10.1 GA Announcement

Gemalto is pleased to announce that SafeNet KeySecure version 8.10.1 is now available for the following physical appliances:

  • SafeNet KeySecure k460 (R320 and R330 chassis)
  • SafeNet KeySecure k450 (R320 and R330 chassis)
  • SafeNet KeySecure k250

Virtual deployments are also available through SafeNet Virtual KeySecure on AWS and VMware.

Below are new feature enhancements available in the SafeNet KeySecure 8.10.1 release:

SNMP Traps Added for Network Failure: SNMP Trap has been added to alert when an HSM is unable to connect to the network in three attempts.

SNMP Trap OIDs Added in MIB file: SNMP Trap OIDs has been added in the MIB file. (MIB is a collection of information used for managing devices in the network). OID (Object Identifier) is an identifier used to point to an object in the MIB hierarchy in SNMP-enabled network devices.

Support Added to Perform Database Vacuum: New CLI command schedule cdbvacuum added to perform a database vacuum. For more information on how to perform a vacuum, refer to Chapter 27, “System Health” in the SafeNet KeySecure CLI Reference Guide.

Security Enhancements for Web Admin Password: As a security enhancement, the web admin password will now be obfuscated at the Login, Logout, and Change Password pages.

Key Backup Process Functionality Optimized for Erratic Network Connection: Backup process is enhanced to fare erratic connection and network failure:

  • Support added to log details of backup and restore processes.
  • Functionality added to deploy a retry mechanism in event of HSM connectivity failure.
  • SafeNet KeySecure will make three attempts to re-establish the network connection.

If unable to connect after 3 attempts:

  • For single HSM, the backup process will create a smaller backup.
  • For HSM HA, if a single HSM fails, SafeNet Virtual KeySecure will try to recommence the backup process from other available HSM(s). If other HSM(s) are also unable to connect to the network, the backup process will create a smaller backup.

SNMP Trap Alerts added for Following Events:

  • When backup process is unsuccessful.
  • When Key Count is less than expected.
  • When HSM is unable to connect to the network in three attempts.
  • When File Descriptor (FD) limit reaches 80% of the max FD limit.

Logging Enhancements for Automatic Backup Process:

Support added to log and display supplementary information related to backup process, such as ‘Automatic Backup Start Log’ and ‘Backup/Restore initiated’.

For a full list of product enhancements and issues resolved in this release, please refer to the customer release notes available on the Gemalto Customer Support Portal: KeySecure 8.10.1 Appliance Customer Release Notes (Document Part Number: 007-000307-001)

This release is compatible with the following SafeNet Data Protection portfolio client platforms and versions:

  • ProtectFile-Linux 8.10.1
  • ProtectFile-Windows 8.10.1
  • ProtectDB SQL Server 8.10.1
  • ProtectDB Oracle 8.10.0
  • ProtectDB DB2 8.8.0
  • ProtectDB Teradata 8.5.0
  • ProtectApp-JCE 8.10.1
  • ProtectApp-.Net 8.10.1
  • ProtectApp-ICAPI 8.10.1
  • Tokenization Manager 8.10.1
  • SafeNet ProtectV

Older versions of the SafeNet client platforms are also expected to work with SafeNet KeySecure 8.10.1

For a full list of supported upgrade and migration paths for customers, please read the customer release notes, available on the Gemalto Customer Support Portal.

*Note: Registered users may access the documents via the Gemalto Customer Support Portal. New users can visit the customer registration page to create an account.