SafeNet IDPrime 3940/940 –  Release Announcement

We are excited to release the first version of our next generation smart cards – the SafeNet IDPrime 3940/940.

It offers the latest in cryptographic security and updated certifications, including CC, eIDAS, ANSSI, eSignature and eSeal. SafeNet IDPrime 3940/940 is the first release of several next generation smart cards that will be released over the coming months.

The supporting middleware for SafeNet IDPrime 3940/940 is SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) 10.6 Post GA and the supporting minidriver is SafeNet Minidriver 10.2 Post GA.

SafeNet IDPrime 3940/940 will be an eventual replacement for the IDPrime MD 3840/840, and it can now be offered instead.


  • eIDAS certification and French ANSSI qualification to be approved in Q1 2019
  • The French ANSSI qualification of IDPrime MD 3840/840 is due to expire on July 2019. French customers who are following this regulation will need to migrate to IDPrime 940/3940 before July 2019.