Simplify the onboarding and provisioning of customers in SafeNet Data Protection On Demand Version 1.8

We are pleased to announce the release of SafeNet Data Protection On Demand v.1.8 (DPoD). This release highlights our ongoing efforts to simplify the onboarding process and provisioning of customers, especially for service providers such as MSPs and MSSPs.  Taking advantage of the market opportunity DPoD brings, MSPs, MSSPs and resellers can leverage existing offerings such as Microsoft, Oracle or CyberArk to bundle together a strong security offering for customers.

Simplified Service Provider-branded Automation of Onboarding Process

In the latest SafeNet Data Protection On Demand (DPoD) release, DPoD version 1.8, the Service Provider (SP) Administrator has the option to generate a dedicated and branded onboarding process to facilitate online registrations for their Enterprise customer Tenant Administrators. The onboarding process is accessible over a unique URL, dedicated to each SP organization, and is provided by the DPoD service with no development by the Service Provider (SP) required. 

Service Provider onboarding process

The SP onboarding process now allows enterprises to self-register their organization with the SP’s DPoD instance – ensuring automatic alignment of purchasing, support and billing processes:

  • SPs have a dedicated customer onboarding process
  • SPs can display their logo in the header section the onboarding process pages to make the experience more consistent with their branding
  • SP can display their name in the Enterprise Tenant registration page
  • SPs can link the onboarding forms into their online marketing initiatives and service catalogs
  • Onboarding self-serve process eliminates the need for manual allocation of customer accounts to SPs and assures alignment with current and future automation capabilities

Service Provisioning Automation

Simplified and automated HSM On Demand service provisioning process to further reduce technical complexity and deployment times.

During the deployment of a new service instance, following subscription to a service tile, the user (Applications Owner) is guided through a series of simple steps to name the service, select the service options, provision the HSM client, set up the service instance roles and initialize the service.

  • A simple and intuitive workflow enables a streamlined and automated process, with easy-to-understand steps that help to complete the service instance creation.
    • Empowers less crypto-savvy users (Application Owners) to deploy HSM On Demand services reducing support burdens on Tenant administrators and/or their service providers
  • The Application Owner moves seamlessly between DPoD  and client-side environments in a guided workflow
    • The consistency provided by the guided workflow standardizes service deployments and reduces the potential for human errors – minimizing on-going support issues, reducing project timelines  and increasing customer acceptance

The new streamlined process currently works with integrations running on Windows environments – other environments will be supported in future DPoD releases.   

Getting Started

If you haven’t already, sign up now and direct your partners and customers to the SafeNet Data Protection On Demand website for more information and especially to sign up now for a free evaluation.