Product Release Announcement: ProtectFile 8.10.10 (Windows)

We are pleased to announce the release of ProtectFile Windows 8.10.10, which includes support for encryption of file server clusters. 

New features:

  • Support for encryption of data stored on clusters of Windows clients
  • New improved registration mechanism to replace the existing bootstrap process
  • Changes in installation of files: The bootstrap utility (bootstrapk170v.exe) and bootstrap configuration (bootstrapconfig.toml) files included in the previous releases are replaced with the clientreg.exe (client registration utility) file. This utility is used to register (formerly known as bootstrapping) ProtectFile clients with the k170v.
  • Migration of KeySecure Classic configuration for ProtectFile clients and network shares to KeySecure k170v

For download and customer release notes, please visit our Gemalto Customer Support Portal  (Document PN: 007-000240-002, Rev A).