ProtectV 4.8.0

We are pleased to announce SafeNet ProtectV 4.8.0, which adds support for managing encrypted ProtectV clients from our next generation KeySecure.

ProtectV Manager (PVM) is merged into SafeNet KeySecure and is available as a General Availability feature with release v1.7.0. Users are no longer required to deploy separate ProtectV Manager to manage their encrypted clients, this functionality is natively offered from next generation SafeNet KeySecure.

New Features and Enhancements:

Support for Alibaba Cloud
This release adds support for encryption of ProtectV clients in the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Support for OpenStack
This release adds support for encryption of ProtectV clients in the OpenStack cloud platform.

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019
SafeNet ProtectV 4.8.0 extends support for encryption of virtual machines running Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

SafeNet ProtectV includes automatic key renewal, also known as key rotation or rekey. Rekey is the process of re-encrypting partitions with a new encryption key. The rekey feature is disabled by default. This feature can be helpful in meeting regulatory requirements concerning the change of encryption keys.

In-transit Key Wrapping
SafeNet ProtectV supports encryption of keys while they are moving between the k170v and ProtectV clients. This is referred to as in-transit key wrapping.

Windows Auto Protection
SafeNet ProtectV includes the Windows Auto Protection option to configure automatic encryption behavior of Windows client images on registration. By default, encryption of a Windows image starts as soon as it is registered with the k170v.

Global Autoscaling
Autoscaling refers to whether new clones of images will be granted keys automatically. Previous release supported autoscaling of individual ProtectV client images.

This release includes an option to configure autoscaling for all SafeNet ProtectV images. This is called global autoscaling. A SafeNet ProtectV administrator can configure global autoscaling.

For download and customer release notes, please visit our Gemalto Customer Support Portal