SafeNet ProtectFile v8.10.11 with KeySecure k170v 1.7.0.

ProtectFile v8.10.11 is released for Windows and Linux clients with KeySecure k170v.

ProtectFile Enhancements on the KeySecure k170v:

SafeNet ProtectFile Licensing

SafeNet ProtectFile is offered through the following licensing models:

*Trial: Provides the fully-functional SafeNet ProtectFile solution for free for 30 days. This license does not require activation during the trial period. After the trial period expires, SafeNet ProtectFile configurations on the k170v become read-only. A trialware SafeNet ProtectFile license comes bundled with the k170v.

*Subscription Term Provides the fully-functional SafeNet ProtectFile solution for a prepaid charge for a specific period of time, for a specific number of clients. The k170v console starts showing a notification about the remaining license time. The license renewal can be ordered before the license expires.

*Perpetual Licensing Model: Provides the fully-functional SafeNet ProtectFile solution for a prepaid charge with no time limit, for a specific number of clients.

Progress Reporting

The k170v now shows the progress of cryptographic operations being performed by SafeNet ProtectFile on a path under a rule. If a rule is applied on a directory path, the progress is shown in percent of the number of files completed.

Migration of Clusters from KeySecure Classic

This release supports migration of SafeNet ProtectFile clusters from the SafeNet KeySecure Classic to the k170v.

Configurable Polling Interval

By default, clients contact the k170v for any configuration changes between 180 and 360 seconds. The ProtectFile client profile functionality is enhanced to make the polling interval configurable. This allows configuring optimal polling interval value to suit specific setup requirements.

ProtectFile Windows Client Enhancement
• Improved Syslog Message Format

ProtectFile Linux Client Enhancements:
• Support for Linux Cluster’s Active-Active Configuration
• Support for Global File System 2 (GFS2)
• Support for Encryption of GPT Partitions
• Improved Syslog Message Format
• Signed Installers
• Support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
• Support for RHEL 7.6
• Support for New Kernels

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