SafeNet Crypto Command Center 3.5 is Now Available

The latest SafeNet Crypto Command Center release focusses on partition management, HA modifications and repairs, improvements to service monitoring, and streamlining installation. Highlights include:

SafeNet Crypto Command Center 3.5 Feature Description Why is this Important to Device Administrators?
Change Partition Size Administrators modify the size of a partition using SafeNet Crypto Command Center. Make changes on the fly to services without entering Lush. Changing the partition size for an High Availability (HA) group in SafeNet Crypto Command Center will update all members of the group.
Partition Management Modify an HA group by adding and removing partition members. When a new partition is added to an HA group, SafeNet Crypto Command Center includes a workflow to initialize the added partition. Convert a single partition service to an HA group or add additional members to an existing group to increase the availability of an HSMoD Service.
Repair HA Client Once a partition is added or removed from a service, the SafeNet Crypto Command Center Administrator user can run the SafeNet Crypto Command Center_Client to repair the HA registration for the client. This feature helps the user in creating an NTLS link with the new partition so that it can be added to the existing HA group.

When a SafeNet Crypto Command Center Administrator user adds or removes a partition from a service, the status of the clients already connected under that service changes with a red exclamation icon showing that these clients must be reregistered to sync to the changes of the service.
Update deployed clients to use the modified HA group when partition members have been added or removed.
Service Monitoring Improvement When monitoring service statistics, users can toggle on a trend-line of the average operations per second for a partition on top of the charts showing transactions per second. See the real-time activity in each partition and compare to the baseline for each partition.
Installation Enhancements The installation process for SafeNet Crypto Command Center has been streamlined. Reduces the complexity and time required to deploy SafeNet Crypto Command Center.

Download the latest software on the Gemalto Support Portal or the SafeNet/Gemalto Freemium landing page. Please contact your Thales Sales Representative with any additional questions.