Now GA – Vormetric Products: VTE 6.2.0, VAE 6.3.0, VKM 6.3.0, and DSM 6.3.0

Now available on the support portal are four new releases of Vormetric products.

New in Vormetric Transparent Encryption 6.2.0:

  • VTE for Efficient Storage (VTE-ES): In the past, organizations with a mission-critical storage array had a choice – safeguard data with encryption, or save space with data reduction technologies like deduplication and compression. Customers couldn’t have both. Now available with our partner Pure Storage, customers using our new VTE for Efficient Storage solution can have both – The benefit of policy-based encryption and access controls using Vormetric Transparent Encryption, combined with the latest in data reduction technology from Pure.
    • Transparently protect sensitive data within enterprise storage systems
    • Preserve data reduction and lower TCO
    • Centralized policy and key management
    • Meet compliance and best practice requirements
  • VTE for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF): This new offering protects data stored within PCF MySQL v2.4.0 or later instances with file-level encryption and access control, effectively limiting access to database files to only allowed users and groups.

New in Vormetric Application Encryption (SDK) 6.3.0:

  • RSA 3K and 4K key support
    There are a broad range of use cases for RSA 3K and 4K keys, mainly associated with higher security for encryption as stated in the CNSA project, which, among other guidance, states that 3K RSA keys are required for TOP SECRET communications.

New in Vormetric Key Management (VKM) 6.3.0 – TDE Key Management

Vormetric Key Management enhancements include support for new features available from our Vormetric TDE Key Management offering:

  • Support for RSA 3K/4K encryption key formats
    See the notes under Vormetric Application Encryption above.

New in the Vormetric Data Security Manager 6.3.0

Changes to the Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) provide support for features in VTE 6.2.0 (previously released), as well as VAE 6.3.0 and VKM 6.3.0.