ProtectServer ProtectToolkit 5.9 Released

Thales/Gemalto is very pleased to announce the release of ProtectToolkit 5.9. This release, compatible with all ProtectServer 2 models, provides the following new features and enhancements:


SafeNet ProtectToolkit 5.9 includes ctmultitoken, a multi-threaded performance testing tool (which will eventually replace the single-threaded CTPerf tool) that allows you to perform basic cryptographic functions on a ProtectServer HSM. Designed as a testing tool for HSM operations and performance, ctmultitoken allows you to specify one or more tokens on which to perform or repeat an operation, and returns a summary of the results.

Key Creation From Multiple Components and Multi-Custodian Backup/Restore Allowed in FIPS Mode

A new mechanism, CKM_PP_LOAD_SECRET_2, allows you to import keys from multiple components using the ProtectServer PIN Pad accessory without requiring the WeakPKCS#11Mechanisms flag to be set. These operations are now supported in FIPS mode.

MIBs for SNMP Logging Enhancements

SafeNet ProtectToolkit 5.9 includes Management Information Base files(MIBs) that enable you to retrieve information about the ProtectServer Network HSM via SNMP. New TUAK and KECCAK Mechanisms SafeNet ProtectToolkit 5.9 includes new mechanisms for using the TUAK and KECCAK cryptographic algorithms, used for 5G mobile ethernet systems.

New PSESH Commands Display HSM Information and Allow Audit Log Cleanup

New PSESH commands allow the following functions:

  • audit log clear: allows the audit user to delete all current audit logs on the HSM.
  • syslog cleanup: allows the admin user to create a .tar archive of all audit logs currently on the HSM, and delete them.
  • hsm show: displays information about the appliance image/HSM firmware versions, slot information, and admin token information.

Please go to the Gemalto Support Portal**to download the release notes – details as follows:

Release notes – Knowledge Base Article DOW0004477/KB0020597
PTK 5.9 Software (PTK-C;PTK-J;PTK-M) – Doc ID: DOW0004478/KB0020598
Firmware 5.06.00 – Doc ID: DOW0004480/KB0020600
PTK 5.9 Documentation – Doc ID: DOW0004479/KB0020599
ProtectServer External appliance upgrade – Doc ID: DOW0004481/KB0020601

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