End of Support Announcement for ProtectV

This is to announce the end-of-support dates for SafeNet ProtectV™ software releases. Customers are encouraged to transition to the latest version of SafeNet ProtectV™ for continued full disk encryption of physical servers, virtual machines, and cloud instances to securely run sensitive workloads.

Table 1: EoS Milestone Impact/Definition  

Milestone Impact/Definition
Release Date Original release date of general availability of product. Products may be further developed to include new functionality, improvement of existing functionality, enhancement that provides additional value and/or extended performance, and any other change that constitutes an upgrade to the product (collectively: “New Features”, as well as for the purpose of implementing new platforms and bug fixes.
End of Development During the End of Development stage, a specific version of a product may be available for new installations; however, new updates will no longer be made to that version of the product. These versions of the products will no longer be promoted. Bug fixes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Customers with existing deployments of product versions in this phase may still be eligible for Client Services support (mainly for troubleshooting and workarounds). Customers can also purchase Professional Services support (if applicable), but no additional investment will be made by development and engineering departments.
End of Life (EOL)/End of Support (EOS) EOL/EOS defines a product that is no longer available for purchase and will no longer be supported by IDP. EOL is the final stage in the overall process. Once a product has been classified as “EOL”, there is no development (including bug fixes), there is no repair or replacement support, and Technical Support may be limited to online documentation (knowledge-base) and downloads. Customers are required to upgrade to a current product version to obtain support.


Table 2: Product Versions and Corresponding EoS Milestone Deadlines 

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ProtectV Version Release Date End of Development End of Support
4.8.0 04-Jun-19 14-Jan-20 13-Jan-21
4.7.5 25-Jan-19 04-Oct-19 03-Oct-20
4.7.3 08-Jul-19 04-Jun-19 03-Jun-20
4.7.0 21-Dec-18 25-Jan-19 25-Jan-20
4.6.0 27-Aug-18 08-Jul-19 07-Jul-20
4.5.1 18-Jul-18 21-Dec-18 21-Dec-19
4.5.0 17-May-18 27-Aug-18 27-Aug-19
4.4.1 05-Mar-18 18-Jul-18 18-Jul-19
4.3.0 16-Oct-17 17-May-18 17-May-19
4.2.0 24-Jul-17 05-Mar-18 05-Mar-19
4.1.1 23-May-17 16-Oct-17 16-Oct-18


Customers are recommended to upgrade to below or higher version of SafeNet ProtectV in order to continue using the latest and supported SafeNet ProtectV releases:


Please contact your Gemalto Sales Representative or see the Thales Technical Support Centre page for more information (log-in required).