Luna HSM 7.4.2 Firmware Release Now Available

Luna Network HSM firmware version 7.4.2 is now available, offering support for the following cryptographic algorithms:

  • 3GPP Security for 5G Mobile Networks – Luna Network HSM now enables subscriber authentication for 5G mobile networks by protecting the private key. Specifically, Luna Network HSM now supports authentication and key generation functions for Milenage, Tuak and COMP128.
  • SM2 and SM4 – are now enabled in Luna Network HSM for opportunities in China.
  •  SHA-3 – is the new Secure Hash Algorithm now available in the Luna Network HSM firmware, adding increased security.

The following HSM versions are required to take advantage of the new algorithms:

  • Luna Network HSM Appliance v7.4
  • Luna HSM Firmware v7.4.2
  • Luna HSM Client v10.2

Please note that this release replaces the previously released 7.4.1 firmware. Luna PCIe HSM will also offer the same support in the coming months.

Support Portal Downloads: 

  • Luna Network HSM Firmware 7.4.2 – KB0021674
  • Universal Client 10.2 – KB0021773
    • includes links to the Luna HSM Client, release notes and product documentation
  • 5G Algorithms/SM/SHA-3 Sample Code – KB0020857

Questions? Please contact your Thales representative.