PRODUCT LAUNCH: Thales CipherTrust Manager

Thales is pleased to announce the launch of CipherTrust Manager (“re-branded” name for Next Generation KeySecure)

CipherTrust Manager enables organizations to centrally manage encryption key lifecycles and policies independent of where the data resides, and helps them meet data privacy and compliance requirements.  It includes the following features:

Key Features

  • Centralized Key Management: Simplifies management of encryption keys across their entire lifecycle, including secure key generation, backup/restore, clustering, deactivation and deletion. It provides role-based access control to all key management and encryption ops.
  • Unified Management Console: Enables managing new Data Discovery and Classification and a comprehensive set of Thales Data Protection Connectors to encrypt or tokenize data to reduce business risk and satisfy compliance regulations.
  • Multi-tenancy Support: Provides capabilities required to create multiple domains with separation of duties to support large organizations in distributed locations or multiple companies hosted by Managed Service Providers.
  • Developer Friendly REST APIs: Offers new REST interfaces in addition to KMIP and NAE-XML APIs, for developers to simplify deployment of applications integrated with key management capabilities and automate testing and development of administrative operations.

Key Benefits

  • Simplified Management: Provides a unified management console that enables you to discover and classify sensitive data, and protect data using integrated set of Thales Data Protection connectors across on-premises data stores and multi-cloud deployments. It provides improved visibility and control of licenses with advanced self-service licensing.
  • Cloud Friendly: Offers users with additional hosting options, and can run as a native virtual machine on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, Microsoft HyperV, and more. Additionally, native support for CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager is available on CipherTrust Manager, to streamline key management across multiple cloud infrastructures and SaaS applications.
  • Flexible Form Factors: It is available in both virtual and physical form factors and FIPS 140-2 levels. Flexible deployment options can easily scale to provide key management at remote facilities or in cloud infrastructures.


For additional product information contact your local Thales Sales representative.  Features and benefits can also be found in the Thales CipherTrust Manager Product Brief.