Crypto Command Center v3.6.1 Now Available

Crypto Command Center version 3.6.1 introduces enhancements to the installation and initial configuration process for Luna Network HSMs, including:


  • Local RPM install and config support
  • Existing PostgreSQL configuration
  • Download and configure PostgreSQL 10


  • Use previously installed JDK during installation
  • Download and configure
  • Fetch and use already installed


  • Improved prompts during installation
  • Platform check during installation
  • Show and use default user input wherever applicable
  • Dependency check before configuration
  • Improved method of checking and opening firewall ports
  • Improved method of checking pre-existing keystore

Version 3.6.1 should be installed by new customers as well as anyone needing an upgrade from version 3.5 or earlier. Customers already running version 3.6 do not need to upgrade.


  • Documentation can be downloaded from the Thales Documentation Portal
  • The following can be found on the Thales Customer Support Portal – KB0022300:
    • Crypto Command Center 3.6.1 Premium Software Download
    • Crypto Command Center 3.6.1 Customer Release Notes

Questions? please contact your Thales Representative.