PRODUCT Release: Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform

Thales is pleased to announce the general availability of the following products –

  • CipherTrust Manager version 2.0
  • CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification version 2.0
  • CipherTrust Transparent Encryption version 7.0.

CipherTrust Manager version 2.0 includes the following new capabilities:

  • Rebranding: Next Generation KeySecure has been renamed to CipherTrust Manager
  • CipherTrust Manager management console includes the following products:
    • CipherTrust Transparent Encryption: Delivers data-at-rest encryption with centralized key management, privileged user access control and detailed data access audit logging.
    • CipherTrust Transparent Encryption UserSpace: Delivers encryption and access controls for file system in UserSpace. It works across multiple flavors of Linux OS that makes deploying the solution easy for customers.
    • CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager: Enables organizations to establish strong controls over encryption keys and policies for data encrypted by multiple cloud providers. Now available as a license-able feature within the enterprise key manager product.
  • Feature improvements:
    • Improvements to Logging
      • NAE crypto audit logging for troubleshooting
      • Ability to upload CipherTrust Transparent Encryption client audit logs/records to CipherTrust Manager
    • GUI support for scheduled key rotation and scheduled backup
    • Enhanced key query via management console and RESTful API
    • Support for Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

CipherTrust Data Discovery and Classification version 2.0 includes the following new capabilities:

  • Support for custom info types to provide broader visibility to sensitive data assets at risk
  • 90 days embedded trial license to provide more time for our customers to test the data discovery and classification features
  • Additional licensing options starting from 15TB
  • Data allowance consumption tracking to provide customers overview of license consumption

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption version 7.0 includes the following new capabilities:

  • Rebranding: Vormetric Transparent Encryption has been renamed to CipherTrust Transparent Encryption
  • All CipherTrust Transparent Encryption agent types (Linux, Windows, & AIX) are now able to communicate with either Data Security Manager or CipherTrust Manager
  • CipherTrust Transparent Encryption supports standard and LDT policies along with SAP HANA & AWS S3 use cases
  • New platform support added: Ubuntu 20.04 & SLES15 SP2
  • New guidance and configuration option for using LVM with Efficient Storage or Teradata (Linux agent)
  • Updated JSON Compatibility file format for better automation consumption
  • AIX agent performance and security enhancements

To learn more about these products and a full list of features and benefits, please visit one of the resources listed below.

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For additional questions about the CipherTrust Data Security Platform products and solutions please contact your local Thales Sales representative.