Crypto Command Center Version 3.7 Now Available

Thales Crypto Command Center version 3.7 is now available to help you easily provision, manage and monitor your Thales Luna HSM. This release introduces new enhancements for ease-of-use, including the ability to export logs for third-party log management, monitoring and analysis tools, improved visibility of keys, and support for Active Directory.

What’s New?

Support for LDAP: administrators to use LDAP provided by vendors such as Microsoft Active Directory and Redhat Directory to manage users and groups in Crypto Command Center.

Device Log Management: customers can easily download and export device logs providing aggregation across multiple HSMs to a third-party monitoring and analytics tool such as Splunk.

Viewing Key Attributes:  provides customers with improved visibility over the key objects in partitions. With one click, customers can now view the attributes of the keys present in partitions associated with a service including their label, type, handle, fingerprint and size.

Improved Set-Up Process:  the install and configuration process has been further automated for ease-of-use

Additional enhancements include support for CentOS 8 and RHEL 8 operating systems, and the ability to turn SSL for DB connections on or off during configuration depending on security requirements. For a comprehensive list of new features and improvements made in this release, please see the customer release notes available on Thales Docs.

Crypto Command Center v3.7 can be downloaded from the Support Portal (Knowledge Base Article: KB0023125 ).

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