Luna HSMs 7 Now Listed as QSCD for eIDAS

We are pleased to announce that the Luna Network and PCIe HSMs 7 are now formally listed as Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSigCD) and Qualified Seal Creation Devices (QSealCD) in accordance with the EU eIDAS regulation. The Luna K7 Cryptographic Module (used in Luna HSM 7) is on the list of national approvals maintained by the EU Council under the Netherlands, which can be found here.

The approval is based on the successful completion of the Common Criteria (CC), SOG-IS, EAL4+ (AVA_VAN.5 and ALC_FLR.2) certification against the protection profile CEN EN PP 419221-5 (certificate number CC-20-195307). For the approval to be valid, the HSM is required to operate in its approved configuration, and for the deployment to follow approved guidance documents reviewed during the CC certification.

For more information please contact your Thales Representative.