Thales Luna Network HSM Now NITES Certified

Luna Network HSM 7, with firmware 7.7.0, is now certified under the National IT Evaluation Scheme (NITES) of Singapore. The NITES scheme, as run by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore, certifies equipment for use up to the highest classified levels by Singapore government agencies and military, and is considered a reference certification within governments from the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.


Luna HSMs have been the longest trusted HSM in Singapore dating back over 10+ years. Luna Network HSM 5 was certified with an earlier government approval scheme prior to the introduction of NITES, then Luna Network HSM 6 was approved under NITES, and now Luna HSM 7.  The certification involves a rigorous review of the product that has been performed over multiple years including full consideration of its architecture, implementation and developer testing.  In addition, the certification considers the development and manufacturing lifecycle of the product, and where it’s subjected to a rigorous vulnerability assessment including penetration testing as part of the NITES process.


For more information, please contact your Thales Representative.