CipherTrust Transparent Encryption // Release 7.1.0 Announcement (GA 23-Mar-2021)

New Features and Enhancements

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption (CTE) delivers data at rest encryption, privileged user access controls, and detailed data access auditing without re-engineering applications or databases. Some of the CTE features are supported by Thales key management systems – CipherTrust Manager and Vormetric Data Security Manager, as called out below. Here are the release highlights:

  1. CTE Connector/Agent Enhancements:
    1. Live Data Transformation (LDT) support for NFS and CIFS file-systems
    2. Data protection for Amazon S3 buckets via Cloud Object Storage on RHEL 8 systems
    3. Linux Agent support for Red Hat Pacemaker Cluster Management and GlusterFS
    4. AIX support for latest service packs for AIX 7.1 (TL5 SP7) and 7.2 (TL4 SP3), and third-party app validation testing
    5. Container Security via Overlay2 storage driver for Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) customers.
    6. Documentation improvements for Windows Agent Integrations (DFSR and Exchange DAG) and Linux Agent for Oracle
    7. New searchable CTE compatibility matrix for various OS kernels supported
  2. CTE features supported in CipherTrust Manager 2.2:
    1. Support for IDT/Teradata policies and guard points in CM
    2. Setup CTE Clients without registration (pre-populate CM)
    3. APIs added to enable batch delete and unguard tasks
    4. Challenge/Response Recovery Method Implemented
    5. Updating Kernel Compatibility Info for CTE Clients via uploaded JSON file
  3. CTE features supported in Vormetric DSM 6.4.4:
    1. Updates to support LDT for NFS & CIFS – Phase 1
    2. REST API updates to include detailed OS info about agents
    3. Dashboard added to display CTE agent status info including kernel compatibility (via uploaded JSON file)
  4. ProtectFile to CTE Migration Utility (pfmigrate) now available in CTE 7.1.0

Apologies that this notification is late.