CipherTrust Transparent Encryption v7.1.1

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption v7.1.1 was released in July 2021, with the following capabilities.

  1. CipherTrust Intelligent Remediation support on Windows and Linux endpoints with standard and LDT policies. It enables customers to streamline sensitive data discovery and automate data protection using CipherTrust Transparent Encryption.
  2. Feature enhancements/improvements:
    • Ability to rename directories inside a LDT GuardPoint on Linux
    • Enhance Host Setting to support |path_no_trust| when |trust|* is also defined on Linux
    • Enhance CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Challenge/Response to return an error after wait timeout with DSM, CipherTrust Manager communication on Linux and Windows
    • Support output of voradmin command into a CSV file on Window
    • Support migration of a Standard Policy GuardPoint to Efficient Storage GuardPoint
  3. Compatibility enhancements
    • Sentinal One AV and McAfee 10.7.x for Linux and Windows, and SharePoint 2019 on Windows.