CipherTrust Manager 2.5.1 New Release

CipherTrust Manager centralizes keys and policy management for all CipherTrust Data Security Platform products. The new 2.5.1 release includes the following top capabilities and improvements in security operations:

Improved Security Operations:

  • Security enhancements of shell access for ksadmin user
  • Support for Quorum-controlled DeleteKey operation
  • Ability to renew certificates of registered KMIP clients
  • Support for revocation of certificates signed by local CA using Certificate Revocation List (CRL)
  • Support for trusting proxy server’s certificate for outgoing connections
  • Secure transfer of system backups from the CipherTrust Manager to external servers over SCP

New Capabilities:

  • Microsoft Edge 91.0.864.37 or later is supported as a web management console
  • Simplified migration of CipherTrust Database Protection (formerly known as ProtectDB) resources (database connections and error replacement values) from KeySecure Classic
  • Support for Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field in the local CA and server certificate in the cloud-init configuration file

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