SafeNet MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 for Windows 10 – Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce that SafeNet MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 for Windows 10 has been released. This is a major new release of our authenticator app.

This version features a native platform design ensuring a sleek and intuitive user experience, as well as advanced security features which increase the integrity of authentications generated on the mobile device.

SafeNet MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 for Windows 10 introduces new features including:

  • Risk Detection
  • Support for Dark mode
  • Support for Shared Authenticators
  • Unlimited Authenticators
  • German and Chinese language support


1.     What are the minimum supported versions?

a.     Windows 10 v1703 and above

2.     Will I have to re-enroll my existing tokens?

a.     No, the existing tokens will be automatically migrated to the new version

3.     Will the MobilePASS+ app on users’ phones be automatically updated?

a.     MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 will be updated automatically on the users’ device if the device is set to auto-update. If not, users can manually update the app from the Windows store

4.     If I am on an older operating system version, can I continue to use the current version (1.9)?

a.     Yes, on older operating systems 1.9 version will continue to work as is

5.     How will this new app impact the user experience?

a.     MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 has been redesigned to provide an enhanced and intuitive user experience and interface. The enrollment and authentication workflows remain the same though. See screenshots below :

New SafeNet MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 for Windows screens compared to current version



Link on App Store: SafeNet MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 for Windows 10 on Windows Store

SafeNet MobilePASS+ 2.0.2 EXE and MSI package: KB0024837