SafeNet IDPrime 930nc – Release Announcement

Following our update on the smart card chip shortage from last month, we would like to announce the release of SafeNet IDPrime 930nc.

SafeNet IDPrime 930nc includes the same features as SafeNet IDPrime 930 except that it is NOT FIPS 140-2 certified:

  • Perfect integration in Windows environments
  • Compatibility with any environment: fully supported by SAC
  • Multi-application smart card: this smart card can have optional onboard applets e.g. MPCOS e-purse applet
  • Enhanced cryptographic support

Middleware and Minidriver

The supporting middleware for SafeNet IDPrime 930nc is SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) 10.8 and the supporting minidriver is SafeNet Minidriver 10.8 – same as SafeNet Minidriver 10.8 SafeNet IDPrime 930