Thales Luna Network & PCIe HSM v7.7.2 Now Available

This firmware version improves support for the growing 5G market needs, expands key import and export capabilities and gives customers more flexibility over how they validate the integrity and authenticity of functionality modules.

What’s New at a Glance:

Accelerated and Extended 5G Support for Telecom Operators & Network Equipment Providers:

  • ECIES Hardware Acceleration Using Curve25519: Luna HSMs now offer up to 1,660 transactions per second (tps) using Curve25519 with a single HSM and a PKI hardware based root of trust, allowing for fast and secure scaling from the datacenter to the edge.
  • Support for ‘5G Subscription Concealed Identifier (SUCI) De-concealment’ Capability: The derivation of the Initial Counter block (ICB) for ECIES AES-CTR encryption scheme has been added to support the 5G 3GPP TS 33.501 standard for processing of Subscription Concealed Identifier (SUCI) de-concealment requests. See CKM_ECIES on Thalesdocs.

Expanded Key Import & Export Capabilities: Customers can upgrade the wrap/unwrap capabilities of Luna HSMs with the CKM_AES_GCM mechanism.

Validate the Integrity & Authenticity of Functionality Modules to Help Customers:

  • Have the flexibility to implement their preferred integrity and authenticity verification methods
  • Meet the latest security standards by enabling the validation of the integrity and authenticity of customized functionality modules
  • Learn more on Thalesdocs

Firmware Downloads:

Luna HSM v7.7.2 is a field release. Customers with active maintenance contracts can upgrade and take advantage of the new capabilities:

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Please contact your Thales Representative for more details.