SafeNet IDPrime 940B – Release Announcement

As part of our ongoing efforts to address the component shortage and ensure ongoing inventory, we are releasing the SafeNet IDPrime 940B. This smart card offers the same features as SafeNet IDPrime 940 and, from now on, should be ordered for eIDAS and CC use cases*.

*The IDPrime 940B does not have the French “Qualification Renforcée recognition. Please consult with the Product Team when this is needed.

Middleware and Minidriver Support

SafeNet IDPrime 940B is supported by:

  • SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) 10.8 R6 (Post GA)
  • SafeNet Minidriver 10.8 R6 (Post GA)

Note: These Post GA releases add support for SafeNet IDPrime 940B over SAC and Minidriver version 10.8 R6. There is no upgrade path from 10.8 R6. Therefore, it is recommended to download SAC 10.8 R6 (Post GA) or SafeNet Minidriver 10.8 R6 (Post GA) and reinstall these versions.

For more details refer to the release notes below:

SAC 10.8 R6 Post GA:                        KB0025502

SafeNet Minidriver 10.8 R6 Post GA: KB0025503