CipherTrust Transparent Encryption UserSpace v9.4.0

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption UserSpace v9.4.0 is released with the following enhancements.

  1. Automatic Client Certificate Renewal: This release supports automatic renewal of CTE UserSpace client certificates. A client’s certificate will be automatically renewed 45 days before it expires (in 730 days). However, if needed, the client certificate can be renewed manually earlier.
  2. Improved write speeds using parallel writes: The 9.4.0 release has major parallel write performance improvements on encrypted path, to make use of the improvement customer has to make sure to add “sparseFiles = 1” in safenet_pf.conf*

Major Version Change Announcement

Thales is working on a new version, CipherTrust Transparent Encryption UserSpace v10.0, planned for release in Q4 2022. It will be data format compatible with the CipherTrust Transparent Encryption (CTE) kernel module. The CipherTrust Manager
configuration workflows will move to the API interface /v1/transparent-encryption/ from

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption UserSpace 10.0 will only support CipherTrust Manager as a key manager. SafeNet KeySecure Classic will no longer be supported. CTE UserSpace will be the last release to support the ProtectFile & Transparent Encryption UserSpace tile on the CipherTrust Manager GUI. Going forward, the CTE UserSpace 10.0 configuration will be
supported only with the Transparent Encryption tile on the CipherTrust Manager GUI.

Customers will not be required to migrate their encrypted data with this version change. Migration tools will be
available with CTE UserSpace 10.0 to help migrate the CTE UserSpace policies and configuration to
/v1/transparent-encryption/ (CTE policies).