ProtectToolkit (PTK) 7.2.0 Now Available

Thales is pleased to announce that PTK 7.2.0 is now available for our customers using ProtectServer 3 HSMs.

Note – Thales recommends using a client and firmware with matching minor version numbers. PTK 7.2.0 matches with ProtectServer 3 HSM Firmware 7.02.00.

New Features and Enhancements

ProtectTookit 7.2.0 & FW 7.02.00 introduces several new features and resolves various known issues.

Operating System Support: PTK 7.2.0 can now be installed on Windows 11 and AIX operating systems and a new 32-bit ProtectToolkit 7 client is available to work with 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. A new silent installation mode for windows has been added to provide a more convenient set up without any manual intervention.

Functionality Modules: Larger messages can now be exchanged between host applications and custom functionality modules. There is also a new way to read the build information of a functionality module without downloading it to the HSM.

Algorithms: Enhancements have been made that support new elliptic-curve algorithms and AES support has been enhanced too.

For the full details on this release including: advisory notes, features, upgrade instructions, resolved and known issues, please see the customer release notes available on Thales Docs.

PTK 7.2.0 can be downloaded from the Support Portal.

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