Luna v7.8 Now Available

Thales is pleased to announce that Luna Network HSM Appliance Software 7.8, Luna Network HSM Firmware 7.8.0, Luna PCIe HSM Firmware 7.8.0 and Universal Client 10.5 are now available for download.   

What’s New in Luna 7.8? 

As well as the usual security updates, Luna 7.8 offers you several new features:  

Universal Cloning: Gives you the full flexibility to clone your keys between all your Luna HSM Setup High Availability groups with all your Luna HSM 7. 

Rest API Updates: Expands the automation of the management of your HSM. 

Time Management: Simplifies HSM management by allowing SO to perform time management tasks. 

New Partition Policy: Allows you to strengthen your security posture.

What’s New in Universal Client 10.5? 

High Availability: Optimizations to support 5G authentication flows. 

PKCS #11 V3.0 Definition: For improved compatibility, vendor specific definitions have been replaced by standard PKCS #11 V3.0 definitions. 

Cluster and Key Rings Technical Preview 

With Luna 7.8 cluster and key rings technical preview, we give our customers the opportunity to validate our new HSM management model designed to reduce their operational costs and maximize the return on investment of their fleet of HSMs. The technical preview is currently available only for password-based Luna network HSM. 

NOTE: The activation of the following new features will be possible on a new HSM or on a repurposed HSM (activation of these new features will wipe out the previous HSM configuration and content). The reimage tool can be used to revert to the current management mode. 

Enhanced High Availability with Clustering: Reduce operation costs and improve high availability with automated cluster topology maintenance, and HSM affinity grouping. Cluster updates do not require any client configuration update, failover performance is improved with HSM affinity grouping.  

Unlimited HSM Sharing with Key Rings: Securely share your HSM resources with thousands of customers. Streamline your customer onboarding process with one policy definition for many key rings. Simplify the handover of your HSM to your customers with a simplified key ring authentication process. 

Centralized Backup: The management of the backup and restore operations is greatly simplified with the possibility for an HSM administrator to backup manually or on a schedule the full content of a cluster (all the key rings of the cluster).   

For more details on this release including advisory notes, features, upgrade instructions, resolved and known issues, please see the customer release notes available on Customer Release Notes ( 

Luna Network HSM Appliance Software 7.8, Luna Universal Client 10.5 and Luna Network HSM Firmware Software 7.8 can be downloaded from the Support Portal. 

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