Universal Cloning Now Available on Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD)

Exciting news for DPoD users! With the latest firmware update, Luna Cloud HSM on DPoD now supports Universal Cloning. With this new feature, migrating key materials from Luna Cloud HSM to any trusted Thales hardware or cloud-based HSM, will be effortless.  Especially noteworthy is the ability to easily migrate keys from Luna Network HSMs to Luna Cloud HSM, or vice-versa, as well as maintain a real-time, cloud-based backup of your cryptographic objects.

The term “Key Migration” encompasses all situations where key material (including but not limited to symmetric/asymmetric keys, certificates, and other unstructured/structured objects) protected by an HSM are moved to be protected by another HSM which stands alone.

On a larger scale, Universal Cloning is used to migrate keys to just about any HSM, product, hardware or software, as the underlying key migration protocol has very few limitations. With the addition of Universal Cloning within DPoD, all trusted Thales HSMs are now equipped to migrate keys between one another.

Please visit Thalesdocs for more information on how to launch and use Universal Cloning.