Luna v7.8.1 Now Available

Thales is pleased to announce that Luna Network HSM Appliance Software 7.8.1 is now available for download.    

What’s New in Luna 7.8.1? 

As well as the usual security updates, Luna 7.8.1 offers you several new features: 

1. Manageability 

HSM as Service: Simplify the management of your fleet of HSMs with Lush commands for Partition Full Life Cycle Management. 

Change Password Modes: Now have the choice to logout active connections when changing passwords, allowing you to meet security mandates and still maintain high availability groups. 

2. Integration support improvements 

  • AIX 7.2/7.3 support in the UC client for Luna 
  • RHEL 8.6/9.0 support in the UC client for Luna 

3. Crypto management improvements 

5G Functionality Enhancements: With a performance boost up to 30% and a new key translation function, securely and quickly import your subscriber authentication keys into 5G authentication platform. 

4. Technical Preview Feature 

Cluster Management Update: 

  • Introduce new REST API to manage appliance files (list, delete, upload) allowing, for example, to manage cluster backup files. 
  • Streamline client registration process with the reuse of the same client certificate for both management REST API and cryptographic API calls. 
  • Enable client registration to multiple clusters. 

Helpful Resources:
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Support Portal 

Luna Network HSM 7.8.1 / UC 10.5.1 GA Release – Knowledge Base Articles 
Luna Network HSM 7.8.1 Appliance Software Update  KB0026646 
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