Factory Configuration for ProtectServer 3 HSM Family Now Updated with New FIPS Validated Firmware version 7.01.01

We are excited to announce that a new firmware version 7.01.01 for the ProtectServer 3 HSM Family is now FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated. The same is now also available as factory orderable configuration. Thales customers can now choose to order the following parts to get a FIPS validated firmware 7.01.01 already configured directly from the factory:

ProtectServer 3 Network HSMs Loaded with FIPS FW (Programmable HSM Appliances with Smart Card Reader & Smart Cards included)
ProtectServer External 3 Plus(Dual Power Supply),Toolkit PTK 7.1.0,PL3500,FW7.01.01 934-000118-003-000
ProtectServer External 3,Toolkit PTK V7.1.0,PL3500,FW7.01.01 934-000116-003-000
ProtectServer External 3,Toolkit PTK V7.1.0,PL220,FW7.01.01 934-000113-003-000
ProtectServer External 3,Toolkit PTK V7.1.0,PL25,FW7.01.01 934-000110-003-000
ProtectServer 3 PCIe HSM – Programmable PCI Card form factor HSM Loaded with FIPS FW (Smart Card Reader & Smart Cards included)
Protectserver 3 Card,Toolkit PTK V7.1.0,PL3500,FW7.01.01 934-000106-003-000
ProtectServer 3 Card,Toolkit PTK V7.1.0,PL220,FW7.01.01 934-000105-003-000
ProtectServer 3 Card,Toolkit PTK V7.1.0,PL25,FW7.01.01 934-000104-003-000

Firmware 7.01.01 can also be downloaded from the Support Portal – under KB0025579.

For the full details on this release including: advisory notes, features, upgrade instructions, resolved and known issues, please see the customer release notes available on Thales Docs.


FIPS 140-2 is an updated Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). FIPS 140 standards define the security requirements for cryptographic modules, set out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). To learn more visit the What is FIPS 140-2 and Why Is It Important FAQ.

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