SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Server & Client 2.4 – Release Announcement

We would like to announce the release of SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Server & Client 2.4.

This release features the following:

  • Virtual smart card default creation: Initial virtual smart card default creation for the user, configurable by the administrator
  • APIs provisioning improvement: Virtual smart card provisioning APIs process improvement.
  • Security improvement: Virtual server APIs hidden in production deployments, configurable by the administrator
  • Upgrades Support: Installation of new version no longer requires uninstalling the previous one (Client only)
  • Revisited Icons: The shortcut and system tray icons were redesigned
  • SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Documentation is now available under Thales docs

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Server 2.4 and Client can be downloaded from the Thales Customer Support Portal as follow:

KB0027301 – Evaluation Release: Limit to 50 tokens

KB0027300 – Full Release: Unlimited Tokens