End-of-Sale / End-of-Life Notice – Thales Luna USB HSM (G5) and Thales Luna Backup HSM (G5)

Thales announces End-of-Sale (EoS) and End-of-Life (EoL) dates for Luna USB HSM (G5) and Luna Backup HSM (G5). The last day to order the affected products is September 30, 2024.

In this Notice:

  • Table 1: End of Life Milestones and Dates
  • Migration Paths for Luna USB HSM (G5) Customers
  • Migration Paths for Backup Luna HSM (G5) Customers
  • Table 2: Affected Products

Table 1: End of Life Milestones and Dates


Milestone Date Impact
External Announcement June 29, 2023 ·     Luna USB HSM (G5) and Luna Backup HSM (G5) are replaced by Luna USB HSM U700, Luna Backup HSM 7 series (B700, B750 and B790), and Luna Cloud HSM and Luna HSM Backup services from Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD).

·     Customers with active and paid service and support contracts will continue to receive support until the End-of-Life date.

End of Sale (EoS) September 30, 2024 ·     Final orders for affected Luna USB HSMs and Luna Backup HSMs based on G5 hardware must be received by this day.

·     Full technical and RMA support will be provided.

·     Security updates and software maintenance will be provided as needed.

End of Life (EoL) September 30, 2026 ·     Technical support, RMA or equipment repairs, security updates, and software/firmware maintenance cease.


Migration Paths for Luna USB HSM (G5) Customers

On-Premises Option – Luna USB HSM U700

The USB HSM U700 is ideal for customers that need to protect their critical business applications with updated cryptographic and offline key storage capabilities. It inherits the capabilities and security mechanisms of the 7th generation Luna HSM, including its full range of integration with third-party technology partners. With a handheld format, high quality touch screen, and PED key USB connector, the USB HSM brings a new level of convenience and reduced operating costs.


The Luna USB HSM U700 is a small form factor HSM that has been designed to be used by governments, financial institutions, and large enterprises to protect data, applications, and digital identities to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance. It is particularly well suited for the protection of PKI root keys with its offline design. Visit the product page to learn more.


Cloud Option – Luna Cloud HSM Services (Available on Thales Data Protection on Demand)

With Luna Cloud HSM services, customers can store and manage cryptographic keys, establishing a common root of trust across all applications and services, while always retaining complete control of their keys. From the online marketplace, customers just click and deploy the protection they need, provision services, add security policies and get usage reporting in minutes. Luna Cloud HSM services provide FIPS 140-2 L3 validated, hardware-based HSM security with the ease of use of cloud services. Visit the product page to learn more.

Migration Paths for Backup Luna HSM (G5) Customers

On-premises Option – Luna Backup HSM B700/B750/B790

Luna Backup HSM B7xx Refresh provides additional support for customers looking to leverage the latest key types, key lengths, and crypto mechanisms, as well as to meet the latest security standard requirements and to simplify their operations. It’s also available in three models with different storage capacities to meet specific customer needs.

Backup and securely store your high value cryptographic key material offline in tamper-resistant hardware. Easily backup and restore up to 100 partitions either locally at your Luna HSM or remotely.  Visit the product page to learn more.

Cloud Option – Luna HSM Backup Services (Available on Thales Data Protection on Demand)

Luna HSM Backup is a Cloud HSM service offering that provides a dedicated backup and restore location for your on-premises Thales Luna HSMs and gives you the flexibility to freely move keys and back them up between cloud and on-premises environments in a purpose built-hybrid solution. Backups are always available in the Luna Cloud HSM service that only you have access to – Thales never has access to your keys. Visit the product page to learn more.


Tables 2: Affected Products


Luna USB HSM (G5)
End of Sale Part Number Description
908-000006-xxx Luna G5,PW-AUTH,CL, FW 6.x
908-000007-xxx Luna G5,PW-AUTH,CKE, FW 6x
908-000004-xxx Luna G5,PED-AUTH,CL, FW 6.x
908-000005-xxx Luna G5,PED-AUTH,CKE, FW 6.x
908-000099-xxx Luna G5, Deliver via Secure Transport Mode
908-000170-xxx Luna G5, Korean Algorithms, Factory Install
908-000156-xxx Korean Cfg Upgd Cuf,Sn Specific,Luna G5
908-000179-xxx Ecies Cfg Upgd Cuf,Sn Specific,Luna G5
912-000023-xxx Shelf,19 inch rack, LUNA G5
908-000238-xxx Battery for G5/Backup HSM, 3.6V, Lithium, 2.6 Ah, AA No Leads
908-000171-xxx LUNA G5,PW-AUTH, FW 6.x
908-000237-xxx FRU,G5 POWER SUPPLY,EXT,100-240VAC-12VDC,1.6A,P6,JACK
Luna Backup HSM (G5)
End of Sale Part Number Description
908-000398-xxx Luna Backup HSM,32MB (FW 6.x)
908-000237-xxx FRU,G5 POWER SUPPLY,EXT,100-240VAC-12VDC,1.6A,P6,JACK


Please contact your Thales Account Representative to discuss migration paths or for additional information about this notice.