SafeNet eToken FIDO “for Microsoft” in single retail pack & SafeNet eToken Fusion are now Available!

***SafeNet eToken Fusion*** 

Following the SafeNet eToken Fusion CC General Availability announced back in April 2023, the SafeNet eToken Fusion are now Generally Available for ordering.

These hybrid PKI/FIDO security keys are well adapted for organizations in non-regulated markets that use extensively PKI, want to move to a modern form of authentication (FIDO2) and do not need to comply with eIDAS, ANSSI or CC regulations (*). The SafeNet eToken Fusion are cheaper than the SafeNet eToken Fusion CC (which are Common Criteria, eIDAS and ANSSI certified).

SafeNet eToken Fusion are available in two form factors: USB-A and USB-C. The future proof USB-C connector enables users to authenticate to any web resource by plugging this token to a large variety of devices (Windows laptops, Mac, android mobile phones or tablets…).

(*) eIDAS is a European regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, ANSSI is the French cybersecurity Agency, CC (Common criteria) is an international standard for computer security certification.

***SafeNet eToken FIDO “for Microsoft” in single retail pack***

The SafeNet eToken FIDO Mini White, for Microsoft” is now available in single retail pack.

This Microsoft-branded version of the SafeNet eToken FIDO, is produced in white casing with the Microsoft Security logo on one side and Thales logo on the other side.