Thales Luna v7.8.3 Now Available

Thales is pleased to announce that Luna Network HSM 7.8.3 (FW 7.8.2/ UC 10.6/ SW 7.8.3) is now available for our customers to download on the Thales Support Portal.

What’s New in Luna 7.8.3?  

As well as some minor updates, Luna 7.8.3 offers several new features for improved performance and manageability:

  1. Crypto Traffic Control
  • Prioritize your crypto traffic per application server
  • Improve predictability of the performance of your HSM
  • Improve the user experience for your critical applications using your HSM
  • Cost savings with better control of your crypto capacity needs
  • Transparent integration with your applications
  1. Security Improvements
  • Enhance the security, integrity, and reliability of your log data, with TLS and RELP for syslog
  • Support for TLS 1.3 providing performance and security optimizations such as: reduced latency, improved security, forward secrecy by default, improved privacy
  • Configurable SSH security – choose crypto protocols that meet your organizations standards
  1. Increase uptime
  • Reduce the overhead to rotate certificates and avoid service disruption
  • Automate via RestAPI or use manual to meet your organization certificate management requirements
  • Increase security with regular rotation of client certificates preventing unauthorized access
  • Encryptions keys are refreshed together with certificate rotation
  • Meet your latest compliance requirements without software updates thanks to SSH cipher configuration
  • Reduce the overhead to disable weak SSH cipher and avoid service disruption

For the full details on this release including advisory notes, features, upgrade instructions, resolved and known issues, please see the customer release notes available on Thales Docs.

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For any additional information, please contact your Thales Sales representative.