Crypto Command Center v4.1 Now Available

Thales Crypto Command Center v4.1 is now available to help you easily provision, manage and monitor your Thales Luna HSMs. This release provides enhanced security measures and enables you to streamline the deployment process with support for modern DevOps technologies.  

 What’s New in this Release? 

Streamline Deployment and DevOps Support:  

  • Support for installation using Helm Chart streamlines installation, version management, scalability, and optimizes resource utilization.   
  • You now have the option to install Crypto Command Center while utilizing SELinux in enforcing mode, which isolates crypto activities, prevents unauthorized access to your cryptographic resources and enforces strict access controls for a more robust and secure environment for crypto related tasks.  
  • Centrally manage all Crypto Command Center secrets and containers. The new Podman Secrets feature also strengthens the security of sensitive passwords by enabling administrators to create and manage secrets, mitigating unauthorized access risks and adhering to security best practices.  

Enhanced Security Measures:  

  • System components updates that reduce vulnerability exposure to help meet internal security and audit requirements, as well as strengthen the overall security posture of your organization.  
  • Re-authentication is now required to delete any services, which adds another layer of security and ensures critical resources are protected against unauthorized errors and deletions. 


Crypto Command Center v4.1 can be downloaded from the Thales Support Portal (KB0027740).

For more details on this release including advisory notes, features, upgrade instructions, resolved and known issues, please see the customer release notes available on Thales Docs. 

 Questions: Contact your Thales Sales Representative for more information.