Issue with Luna Cloud HSM Backup

Update: This issue has been fixed.

Thales is aware of an issue with restoring Luna Cloud HSM backups stored on Luna USB Backup HSM 7 running firmware version 7.7.1 or later and Luna USB Backup HSM 5 running firmware 6.28.

Customers wishing to restore backups of Luna Cloud HSM contents have the following three options:

  1. Use the built-in snapshot capability of the Luna Cloud HSM – 7 days of daily snapshots are automatically stored by Luna Cloud HSM and can be restored at any time prior to expiry.
  2. Restore a USB Backup HSM 7 or Backup HSM G5 to a Luna Network HSM. The Luna Network HSM can then be used to restore key material to the Luna Cloud HSM.
  3. Use the Luna Cloud Backup tile to take backups of the Luna Cloud HSM. This zero hardware approach allows long-term backups without needing to manage physical hardware.

Luna USB Backup HSM 7 devices running firmware versions before 7.7.1 and Luna USB Backup G5 devices running firmware versions before 6.28 are unaffected by this announcement.

Thales Support is available to assist customers with any backup and restore queries.