Luna HSM v7.8.4 and Luna HSM Universal Client v10.7 Now Available

Thales is pleased to announce that Luna Network and Luna PCIe HSM v7.8.4 (FW 7.8.4/ UC 10.7/ SW 7.8.4) is now available to download on the Thales Customer Support Portal. 

New Features and Enhancements 

  • Ed448 and Curve448 added to expand our Edwards Curves support, which is recommended for customer’s operating in highly regulated industries, including: finance, government, IoT (such as automotive) and is also leveraged to protect crypto assets and blockchain applications
  • ARM64 client support 
  • Bonding improved with the addition of Mode 3 Broadcast Mode which provides fault tolerance 
  • High Availability (HA) improvements
    • Change password on all HA Group members at once 
    • Quickly get status of all HA Group members 
  • Enhanced Client Access Control using Extended DN validation aligned with PKI policy 
  • Restrictions to certain crypto mechanisms in FIPS mode. Customers should check the FIPS Compliance section of Thales Docs for details on the new restrictions to assess any potential impact on their applications
  • Various security improvements and bug fixes

Downloads and Documentation