Thales ProtectServer 3 HSMs – PTK 7.2.3/FW 7.02.03 is now available

We are pleased to share that ProtectToolkit (PTK) 7.2.3/FW 7.02.03 is now available. This release introduces a new tool for migrating keys from ProtectServer 2 to ProtectServer 3 HSMs, as well as several other improvements and resolves various issues.  

New Features and Enhancements 

PTK 7.2.3/FW 7.02.03 introduces several new features: 

  • Key migration from ProtectServer 2 HSMs to ProtectServer 3 HSMs using token replication 
  • Support for RHEL 9.2 and 7.9 
  • EDDSA cipher object support for Functionality Modules (FM) 
  • Support for Java 17 and 21 

Thales highly recommends reading the release advisory notes before upgrading to PTK 7.2.3/FW 7.02.03. 

We encourage customers to review the full list of updates at Thales Docs. The new client software, firmware and the appliance image can be downloaded from theCustomer Support Portal-KB0028056. 

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