SAS PCE 3.19 – Release Update

We would like to announce that SAS PCE 3.19 is now available. This release brings the following features:

  • FIPS Compliance: This compliance ensures that FIPS-enabled machines protect the sensitive data on the SAS server and allows secure authentication operations. Note: This enhancement will not change the encryption keys used in your deployment. Refer here for more details.
  • SAS PCE documentation is now online : All SAS PCE related content is now housed at one place for your convenience. Please note that from v3.20 onwards, SAS PCE documentation will only be available on Thalesdocs.
  • LUNA HSM Support: SAS PCE v3.18 and above are now compatible with on-premise LUNA HSM 7 devices, which augments the protection against cryptographic keys and data-sensitive operations.
  • Agent and SDK Updates: For the full list of updates please refer to SAS PCE 3.19 release note

SAS PCE 3.19 Release package can be downloaded from the Thales Customer Portal KB0027913.

For more details about this release, please refer to the customer release note here.