Luna HSM v7.8.7 and Luna HSM Universal Client v10.7.1 Now Available

Thales is pleased to announce that Luna Network and PCIe HSM v7.8.7 (FW 7.8.7/ UC 10.7.1) is now available to download on the Thales Customer Support Portal

New Features and Enhancements 

Crypto Assets Support:

  • Expanded cryptocurrency wallets compatibility with the introduction of key derivation method SLIP-10
  • Improved performance of all crypto operations that use Bitcoin curve secp256k1
  • Added support for ECIES HKDF for enhanced secure communication protocol

Other Updates:

  • Restrictions to certain crypto mechanisms in FIPS mode: Customers should check the FIPS Compliance section of Thales Docs for details on the new restrictions to assess any potential impact on their applications
  • Various security improvements and bug fixes

Downloads and Documentation


Please contact your Thales representative.