SafeNet Agent for Windows Logon 3.7.0 – Release Update

We would like to announce the release of SafeNet Agent for Windows Logon 3.7.0

The following end user facing features introduced in this release are augmenting the overall end user experience and security of the agent:

  • User Choice of Authenticators: End users are able to select their preferred authentication method and also save their selection for subsequent logins through an intuitive UI.
  • Multiple Offline Authenticator Support: End users are aptly informed of the applicable authenticators while accessing their machine in offline mode. They will also be able to choose their preferred authentication method for offline access.
  • MP+ push with Number Matching: To alleviate the concerns around push bombing and MFA fatigue, end users using MP+ push authentication, must match the number on their MP+ application with the number displayed on their machine on each access attempt.

For more details please refer to KB0028485