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Lorna Ayoun-Berdugo serves as Marketing Operations Specialist for Enterprise & Cybersecurity at Gemalto, responsible for driving and developing the processes required to ensure successful product releases. Previously, Lorna worked as Freelance translator and as Software Trainer in hospitals in Europe and in Israel. Lorna holds a Master of Arts degree an in French Literature and a Diploma in written and oral translation.


SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) 10.8 R6 for Windows & SafeNet Minidriver 10.8 R6 for Windows – Release Update

We would like to announce the releases of SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) 10.8 R6 for Windows and SafeNet Minidriver 10.8 R6 for Windows. Both versions resolve known issues and feature the following:  Improvements to Customization Tool Windows 11 Support Installation/Uninstallation Improvements Support for SafeNet eToken 5300-C Known Issues For more…


SafeNet eToken 5300-C – Release Announcement

We are excited to release the first GA version of SafeNet eToken 5300-C. SafeNet eToken 5300-C is the first flavor of eTokens which supports USB-C connector. Benefits New design language that enables landscape for custom logos or company name Touch sense functionality that offers additional security Mini form factor Same…


End of Sale Notification: RB-1, KT-4 & SafeNet GOLD (SafeNet 3200)

As part of our ongoing product communications, we are announcing End-of-Sale of the tokens: RB-1 KT-4 SafeNet GOLD (SafeNet 3200) Effective as of February 28th 2022, we are planning to stop sales of the above mentioned tokens. Key dates in the End of Sale process Milestone Date Comment LAST-TIME-BUY (LTB)…


SafeNet Synchronization Agent 3.8.4

We would like to announce that SafeNet Synchronization Agent 3.8.4 is  released. This new version features the folllowing: Thales Branding providing an updated look and feel for the installation procedure User Deletion Safeguard to ensure that an anomalously large number of users are not deleted in error Improved logging with…


SAM to STA or SAS PCE/SPE Migration Tool 2.3 – Release Update

We would like to inform you that  SAM to STA/SAS PCE/SPE Migration Tool 2.3 has been released. This release features the following:  Support of SHA256 in event and time based OTP tokens The migration tool and documentation can be downloaded from the Customer Support Portal  KB0024607


SafeNet Agent for Remote Logging 1.05

We are pleased to announce the release of SafeNet Agent for Remote Logging 1.05. This release features support for Windows Server 2019. Note: Revision B includes documentation update to state support for Windows Server 2019. There is no software change in this revision. Installation and configuration instructions, along with the…