Windows Logon Agent – Release Update

We are pleased to inform you that an updated version of the SafeNet Authentication Service Windows Logon Agent listed below is now available on the SafeNet support portal.

    • Windows Logon Agent (version 1.11.30135/1.11.30143) – (DOW3477)

This is a maintenance release update, and is applicable to SafeNet Authentication Service – Cloud Edition and SafeNet Authentication Service – PCE/SPE 3.3 customers.

What’s New

SAS Windows Logon Agent, Build 1.11.30135/1.11.30143 features the following updates:

    • Branding Updates – All legacy CRYPTOCard/BlackShield branding has been replaced with SafeNet branding.

    • Support for Nested AD Groups and Hybrid Groups

Note: Administrators with users of offline OTP – Please see important action item detailed within CRN, which will enable offline users to replenish their OTP supply.