007-012850-001_SAS_NPS_Agent_1 20_CRN_RevB

We’d like to inform you that an updated version of the SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) Agent for Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS) is now available for download from the SafeNet Support Portal (DOW3582) (SAS NPS Agent, Build 1.20.20888).

This release is a maintenance release, and addresses the following maintenance and security issues:

    • The log now displays the correct information following a failover to the secondary server and a failback to the primary server.

    • On failover, Microsoft NPS Configuration Management now matches the time correctly with SAS.

    • The log now includes logging level 3 entries for successful and unsuccessful failovers and failback.
    • The functioning of the primary and secondary servers has been corrected. Following failure of the primary server, the secondary server remains active until the primary server is running again. The primary server now waits for a pre-determined period before resuming.

This release is applicable to SafeNet Authentication Service – Cloud Edition and SafeNet Authentication Service PCE.

Please refer to the attached CRN for additional details on these enhancements and upgrade information.